Mini Gallery (Food show)

Following the previous post on Ofoodi.....this is just a little something something of the varieties to expect.....many more to come.... stick around!!

(ici c'est une explication  les differents types de piments et il ya des noms)

This can be referred to as a Bell, Tatase(Native Name), Sweet pepper and the small one is called Chilli, Rodo (Native Name), Poblano , Cherry etc. It is as hot and spicy as Jalapenos, Chilaca, Ancho peppers, Cascabel, Hungarian wax, Hebanero pepper, Scotch bonnet, Serrano chilis, cubanelle and many more..All sha nah chilli!!.

                                                             (Les Oignons)

The one right in the middle of the Bell is called Onions!, alubosa (Native Name) It has varieties as well....(Baby onions,Brown Onions, Cipollini,Cocktail Onion,Spring and Summer Onions,Green Onions,Leeks,Maui Onion,Pickling Onion,Purple Onion,Red Onion, Sliverskin Onion, Super sweet Onion and many more...Phewwww!!!


 The green leaves are called Spinach and can be cooked by steaming, boiling; sometimes you can stir fry with  palm oil and pepper sauce and it can also be eaten raw. You can use this for your sandwiches as well, and mixed leaves salad. There are other ones like the Cress leaf (which is very common for an Egg Mayo sandwich which many vegetarians mostly like) Rockets, lettuce many more.....

                      This is how the BOKOTO (cow leg) over here boils...ooooOOps!

Over here(jand) we have to differentiate between a hard chicken and a soft one which we also refer to as an African or  European chicken *winks*...anyways this one is soft....very good for  grilling..could be quiet bloody though, so rinse thoroughly in warm water.

 This is some marinating stunts...would be elaborating later....but the key ingredient in here is Gizzard and Minced meat...

                                                           (Still cooking) this is one of the Traditional dishes in West Africa from the Yoruba tribe and Western Region  of Nigeria. This is a combination of peppers, palm oil, vegetables, meat, fish and lots more..(would be elaborating more on this in consequent stick around)

        Almighty AYAMASE......this is every womans catch for a man these
 A very scary process to make sometimes...Frying the oil for this meal requires confidence....dont mean to scare you...but i have burnt my fingers trying to get the most perfect oil texture and aroma.......This could be eaten with fried yam, boiled or fried plantain, mash potatoes and off course rice....The best kind of rice to use is OFADA (locally cultivated and hand picked from Nigeria)

                                                          Cooked (Efo riro )
This is an example of the stir fry Spinach in pepper sauce......most Europeans refer to this as                        "chunky stew".

Remember the soft chicken????.....this is how it ended... in a sweet pepper, chilli and tomato sauce....Yummmy!!!


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