The OFooDi

 Its been a while, glad to be back, been taking time out to bring the best to you.
In the spirit and season of love, OFooDi officially started its Catering and Events Management Services. It kicked off  with one of Birmingham's finest reunion parties at the Mail box Birmingham. It was good fun, lots to eat and the food was definitely quality, fresh from Ofoodi's candees kitchen.
Here's a sneak preview of what went down in Candee's Kitchen........

Some of the ingredients used

 Shopping was great fun and there were varieties to buy, especially at that rush hour, when you get to buy one and get one free, or buy 3 bowls for the price of one.. now that's Yummy shopping, money spent wisely and fresh quality food brewing.

You couldn't have imagined the amount of work needed to be done....but step by step, it went out of the way.....phew!!

 Chicken preparation...before and after frying..That's African hard chicken..the sweetest, a  crunchy feel to its bone, savoury juice and all its parts inclusive...My best part.. Chicken Yansh!!#covering face

The Meat ....lamb shoulder and assorted parts, with kidney, heart, liver , cow leg (bokoto) and stripes (shaki) 

Fried Plantain and Gizzard also known as GIZZZzzzzz Dodo.

Signature Jellof Rice...Candee's

C'est la verite.....Confirmed!

 Quality food at its best....OFooDi!

The signature fried rice...simply exquisite!!
It was an exciting experience and it expressed everything OFooDi stands for....Quality, Presentation, Freshness and Taste.

And the testimonies? the videos....

                                                   Tongue twisted  Mr

                                    and some more pictures to see what went down....*winks*

Feasting boyz no dey carry

                                                         Savoring the tasty meals...

                                                         and the munching continues


                                                                Yes boss

                                                             The end

Patronizing our service is one of the best things that can happen to your events, as issues such as budgeting, quality and quantity are put into consideration. Don't be left out, make your events one to be remembered, place your orders now for any kind of social and formal gathering and we promise the best experience, exceeding your expectations, the OfooDi way. Contact me via email at or follow me on twitter @candyfelz and like my facebook page OfooDi.

                 What part of chicken do you like best and why? (please give honest answers and opinions)


The night shift....Hello February

Different situations trigger the need for a night shift work. When you think of your responsibilities and the goals you want to achieve you are compelled to work. 
Your strength for financial capacity increases and you are able to go any length to make your self flexible, have enough and save at least. Day time workers are no exception, especially when working very long hours..."at least man must work and chop...... a little sleep a little slumber, the folding of hands till poverty comes"
.......Not a bad initiative but there are also the cons to working night shifts. 

Health consequences such as the Shift work sleep disorder is a major one. It's associated with cluster headaches, stress, fatigue, loss of concentration and poor sexual performance. 
To pull your night shifts off and remain need to Sleep well and eat well.! not crap, junk, or pick food... eat very well.  

Eba and Okro the Alhaji cuisine way

In a situation you start work at 11pm and finish at 7am, eat your dinner in the morning like 8:30am .... it could be Eba you like and Okro or vegetable soup, eat and drink along side a glass of juice and water, watch T.V and then go to bed just in time. Other wise, eat a plate of rice, fish stew and plantain with hot chocolate and sleep not later than 9am (no matter the time ensure you have a minimum of 6 hours sleep).

Rice, fried plantain and Fish stew

Plan to be up by 3pm take a bath, a cup of tea and get on with your day's activity, enjoy your day as you wish. When its 7pm have your lunch, it could be beans porridge with nice thick bread, or beans porridge and soak garri with fried fish. 

Fried Fish

After few hours, depending on how much time you spend, take another bath and prepare for work. At work, you can kick off breakfast with a cup of coffee and biscuits or take porridge oats or a slice of toast with butter or yogurt and fruits, or cereal. 

Tea and Biscuits.

When it's well into the midnight, like 3am take a fizzy drink, have a sandwich, or a muffin or any kind of pasty/pies, it could be chips or fried plantain made and packed from home. However, eat something reasonably light and with sugar content. This should take you through to 7am when your shift would be over. Same applies to any night shift, so far it starts at night.
Do same routine, each day. 
 And on weekends or off days?? sleep tight and eat tight.* winks.