Happy moments!!!

Cake! a baked dessert that can be created in all kinds of shapes, with all kinds of flavour and for every occasion. There's no memorable ceremony that goes by without a cake. Valentine's, christenings, weddings, birthdays, parties, whatever gathering a cake seems to be a ritual that must be present. Thinking of the flavour and the aroma of the baked flour, butter and  sugar makes your tummy rumble. The brown colour of it's finesse, the fluffiness of it's inside and how fast it melts in the mouth allows you savour every single moment passing. The tingling sound from the oven and the welcoming steam as its being drawn just makes your eyes pop in excitement, It's the only embracing snack that attaches emotion to itself.
Cakes are simply wonderful, they mostly show up in happy times and get imagined in a merry heart and sometimes a good remedy for heart break, after chocolate though lol, however a cake could determine your mood.
My fav one is the carrot cake, it's natural essence (carrot) and savoury taste in cakes is simply sensational and absolutely healthy and that does it for me. Here is a quick recipe.


252g Butter, 252g Plain Self Raising Flour,364g Sugar, 1 Fresh Orange, 4 Eggs, 448g Carrots (Grated), 140g Flaked Almonds (optional), 15mls Vanilla Essence (2 teaspoons), 1 teaspoon of mixed spice (Nutmeg) and a Pinch of Salt.

In a mixing bowl, mix together the butter and sugar until white and fluffy
Add the eggs and mix carefully, add the flour gradually and mix, add the spice, add the grated carrot, add the zest & juice of the orange, add the flaked almonds and mix. Ensure you mix well and then pour and spread evenly into your baking pan.

Preheat Oven for about 10mins, bake at 150degrees Centigrade for approximately 55 minutes  and leave to cool for approximately 1 hour before topping.

For the topping,
Pour 90mls of orange juice into a saucepan over hot heat, add 84g of butter, 168g of sugar, stir together till the sugar dissolves. Take pan off the heat, add 504g of icing sugar and stir carefully.
pour mixture in to a mixing bowl and mix till the icing becomes thicker as it cools.
Spread evenly over the cooled carrot cake and get ready to serve.



Hi, my name is couscous ^_^

Rice is one major food you find in almost every part of the world. It's used for traditional recipes, intercontinental cuisines and home made cooking. It's almost a daily meal for most people. It's preparation is easy. Simply clean rice, boil, add salt, leave to dry or sieve , c'est fini.


But i have come to realize that there are some rice grains with a mind of it's own....all those kind of rice wey bi say you have to begggg..for it to become soft. or the ones that decide to turn out as couscous after cooking, especially when you specialize them in jellof or fried!!! Not a nice experience and very worrying sometimes, particularly when you claim to cook the best rice in the world!

The best solution is to know your rice! and carefully find a suitable method to get the best out of it. The varieties of cultivated rice grain ranges from over 35,000 and is divided into two groups. The long grain and the Specialty  rice.

The long grain rice is categorized into;
1) The regular long grain white rice. (On cooking, the grains becomes separate and fluffy. It's also good for Chinese and Nigerian dishes.)
2) Easy cook long grain white rice. (There's less possibility to over cook this rice and its good for rice salads and fried rice)
3) Brown long grain rice. (Though takes a longer time to soften, if cooked well, the grains remain fluffy, Ofada rice falls into this category)

The Speciality rice has it's categories too;
1) The Aromatic rice. (The grains come with a fragrant taste and aroma. This is what most Africans call the perfume rice, it requires a low heat to cook and little water).
2) The Basmati rice. (Also known as "the prince of rice". Needs little water to cook and usually comes out great in Indian dishes).
3) The Jasmine rice. (The aroma is not as strong as the Basmati. On cooking, it as a slight soggy look . This is very good with Chinese and Japanese dishes).
4) The Japonica Rice.(This comes in different colours, red, brown and black.)

Whatever type of rice grain you cook, make sure you get the right measurement of water. This is quiet unreal to some because in most homes cooking  is done without any considerable measurement. Just like my Africa peeps, "you just need to use eye gauge the rice, and you go know the kian water wey go reach"...lol
The best thing to do when you can't be bothered about measuring water or following the instructions on the packaging of your rice, is to add water little by little, till it becomes soft.

In the case of special dishes like jellof and fried rice, when it seems some part of the rice is getting soft and the other is as strong as rock, simply lower the heat, get a foil paper, spread a sheet over the rice and cover. Check from time to time to ensure it dosen't get too soft.
Another option is to use a pressure pot , like "KOKO IRIN" all those kind of pots made with iron. They help retain heat and maintain steam.
It's important to know  that sometimes cooking requires understanding your product and knowing the procedure that best work for you.
This way you can have the perfect rice and be the world's best rice guru!*winks


    What is your favorite rice dish?