Spring Greens

Spring green is a versatile young cabbage plant and a nutritional vegetable you can always add to your salad. It can also be added to your soup or stir fry dishes towards the end.
To get the best out of it, you need to precook in as little water as possible or steam to retain it's richness, colour, natural taste and enjoy its bursting goodness.

Spring greens can be used to garnish dishes and it goes very well with any pork and apple dish of your choice.

It can be slightly grilled and eaten with grilled fish and salad, with a squeeze of lemon or lime on top of the fish. You can have it with your cheese also, preferably goat cheese.

For an exciting breakfast result, add precooked spring green in slightly fried onions and potatoes, add a pinch of salt and eat with bread and butter...you can do without the butter if you wish.


             For lunch eat with boiled noodles, or macaroni and any type of meat you desire .

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For dinner eat with salad...

Healthy stuff guys...enjoy!!!

An alternative to spring greens is lettuce or cabbage. Follow same process for any type of dish and you get the same result.


Our wedding...

I remember this song  as a child, it was quite popular....

#singing#On your wedding day

eshin shin go be your flower gey,
 aposhe go be your wedding gown,
Gari go be your wedding food,
 gari dey, gari dey, eh lo ra sugar wa oh gari dey x2ce"...
(Interpretation of this has to be on request so sorry...hehehe.)...lol

God forbid we drink Garri (cassava) on our wedding day oh , eshin shin, aposhe and co....AmenX7.

Most Nigerians from the Yoruba tribe would remember this song. Those good old days when we were younger, you either get "dissed" with this song or bullied with it.  Your group of friends..yes your friends oh, play mates, all clapping and singing around you in circles...lolol. What a very sorry experience and no, I am not talking from experience, just feeling the pains of those that I have seen.*winks

Garri though, on a wedding day? hian!

Been talking to my mum these past few days about the ideal wedding food and she pointed something out, saying Garri/eba should not be served at wedding ceremonies. Then I started wondering  if  I've ever seen eba/garri at any wedding party...
 Anyways, the discussion went on and she mentioned mashed beans, fried pepper and diced plantain as an ideal twist for a dessert. With this, I was like yo! mum L. O. L .

We are already wired to thinking there would always be fried rice, jollof rice and salad with chicken in any wedding ceremony. I am guessing the brides and their mothers are not ready to experiment with the one time event of their lives. So it's easy to go with the regulars.

 If you can't try something totally different, a twist to your wedding menu could be entertaining and for the sake of curious invitees, fun!!!. You could play with your desserts and make it interesting.

The following dishes could be considered: 

  • Yam porridge, mashed beans and fried plantain, 
  • Ofada rice, grilled fish with chopped fresh peppers and onions,
  •  Smoked fish and chips, samosa and stir fried prawn in a bed of tomato broth 
  • Plantain balls and salad, puff puff and fried fish, 
  • Asun goat meat and roast plantain, 
  • Pepper soup etc.
Be creative and think of something spectacular to add to your wedding menu, trust me there would be no regrets so far you give it to a correct caterer like me!

Also, a traditional wedding, is a very good excuse to serve traditional dishes like Ikokore (yam) , gbegiri and ewedu (beans soup and vegetable), edikaikong (spinach), ojojo (grated fried yam balls) etc..

For starters, foods like abasha (African salad), garden egg and peanut butter promises to be a blast.

However do not forget the ancient land mark as most invitees look forward to eating the regulars. Tweek it a bit to increase the fun at your party.

Variety brings sparkles to the eyes of the invitees and wider smiles in your photo album.
So Please don't dull.*winks*
...and invitees please don't attend without a gift for the couples.xxxx

                        What is your ideal wedding menu?