My Goody Bag!!!

Truly it's not easy to think you know the rudiments of cooking better than your mother. Even if you do, keeping it to yourself is the best way in case of an argument, at least till you get to your husbands house..if not you are in for the Ewedu (Jews Mallow/Melokhia leaf) you would usually cook and everyone enjoys becomes too thick, the vegetable stew the whole family looks forward to becomes too green , peppers too red and meat too soft, then she calls your stew, sauce and your sauce, stew then brings out a 1980's cookery book to get you some personal tutoring on how things were done back then.
Sigh...! the diary of too many chefs in the house. This makes me wonder how a man copes with two wives, there must be some intense competition going on and a "Master Chef" scenario always happening in the kitchen, the dinner time becomes a replica of the programme "Come dine with me"
At the table.......
Dad: My daughter, this tastes good, i enjoyed it
Daughter: Thanks dad, that was Jerk Chicken....Jamaican style.
Mum: Shiken ati ata lasan lasan.(That was just chicken and pepper)
Daughter:Hahahahahaha...yea yea
Mum: But its the truth, it's just chicken and pepper...
Dad: Ehennn,I still enjoyed it now...
Mum: She just used plenty seasoning to make it sweet ....i cant even eat it.......
.......she drops the chicken bone she has massacred on the plate and starts to laugh.....can you just beat that.....!
Anyways I am keeping my Goody Bag ready for where my skills and presentation would be appreciated in all manner of styles.. at least thats my selling point!.......Say Amen....Amen!!! 

So yea whats your selling point.....and what dish do you think you can score at any time...... ? Please share.

I love food......thats my selling point.....follow ofoodi @ofoodi.......

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