Food and Relationship

Throughout life’s cooking art, food eating, hygiene etc, you find Men giving the loveliest compliments; the willingness to learn from Women and strong criticism from mothers. I want to pick on the Men. Some selected few though*Smiles*

Man was the first thought of humanity with skills, knowledge and intelligence deposited in him, he discovered his own food, and he combined different things in the garden to make a meal for himself. The first meal his woman ever had, was put together by him, he gave her foundational training on what to put together to get them satisfied, he was in charge of making sure they had the right meals……
So why did Man change?  “it was the forbidden fruit”? Not the fruit because the woman hasn't changed till now!!!!

Few questions about your habits, Men…..
Why don’t you like cooking?
Why don’t you pack your plates after eating and wash them?
Why do you sit and let your woman bring you soap and water to wash your hands after eating?
Fair enough some Men rinse the plate and return it!!...what happened to using soap and sponge?
Why would you rinse a cup after use and place it back like it’s clean?
 I am not putting an axe to anyone’s head; I just want to understand this pattern of thought!!!

MY Take!
As food is to all, cooking is to all,
As using plate is to all, washing is to all……including your hands in the appropriate place. It’s really advisable not to burden your Woman and be considerate. Learn the art of cooking; make it an attitude if possible.
Strong opinion though but there’s nothing as good as a Woman knowing her better half can also manifest in the kitchen.
 I for one like to spoil my Man, I am ready to cook him 50 shades of anything he wants to eat. BING!!!! So does every other woman who can cook well. But men have to also step up…women like meals being cooked for them and they appreciate you packing your plates and washing them after eating, it’s a sign of selflessness and consideration, it means thank you for being my Woman. That gesture lingers on and she keeps being selfless to you more. Most women look forward to tasting the different meals their men can create in the kitchen so far it smells nice and looks healthy they will eat.

There are times when the best cooks go wrong, it gets salty or just don’t taste right, rather than condemn and just look scornful, take over the kitchen and give your woman a break.  Every woman likes a competition, give her two days and she wants her kitchen back. Don’t just walk out on the food, or grumble till you finish the last grain

My conclusion!
 It’s good to get involved in some of the things your woman does for you, it doesn't make you less of a man, you are only being the man of her dreams. And when you help please don't pass comments like “how many Men would do this”,  Your comments should be "i always want to make you happy".
Men please learn how to cook and actually practicalize...We love you!

Roast Plantain And Roast Fish

One recipe that i will always recommend for any kind of treat is Plantain.
It's easy to come by and prepare.
A twist that i have been loving lately is the Roast one with Roast Fish and Fried "spicy hot pepper" stew!!.

Gosh its's filling, aromatic and just ideal for that long awaited hunger quench.

For 2 Servings.......

The Main Ingredients;

-4 Big Size Ripe Plantain  or 6 Medium Size Plantain
-2 Big Pieces of whole Fish - Croaker Fish
-Vegetable Oil
-Dry grounded pepper.
-Fresh Pepper (Chili-Tomato-Bell Pepper)
-Spice (Thyme-parsley-coriander-stork cube)

The Procedure;

You can either roast your plantain in an oven or use an open grill, but preferably use an open grill. The one that burns with Charcoal makes  food taste better..*winks*

Heat charcoals to start preparing the grill for cooking, same for the oven, heat up oven to get it ready for cooking-200 degrees Maximum. Heat for 15 minutes before you place any food on top.
What this means is that you have to get your plantain and fish ready for cooking in 15 minutes.......yes!...

The Plantain.......
Peel ripe plantain, make sure you get one that is not so ripe.
Do not dice or cut plantain
Rub a bit of salt on the body and dry pepper if you like.
Use a blunt knife to line the plantain from top to bottom.
Then place on the heated grill or oven.

The Fish......
Croacker is a very good type of fish to use for this.
Wash fish thoroughly and line the 2 sides with a sharp not cut. This is just to ensure the fish has a bit of opening for your spices to penetrate through.
Marinate Fish with Spices above.
Squeeze 2 limes on the fish.
Deep fish in Blended Fresh Pepper 
Bring out of fresh pepper
then sprinkle some dry pepper on it....
Add a bit of salt and stork cube to taste.
Stuff the 2 sides of the fish with fresh onions, dry parsley and  dry coriander....( if you can use a fresh one lucky you).
Then Place Fish on the grill or in oven.

While the Marinating of the fish is going on, ensure you are checking on the plantain and turning it from side to side.
Roast Plantain for like 20 Minutes... roast fish for like 35 minutes. Between 15 minutes intervals turn the fish from side to side.

 N.B You can grill the plantain and fish at the same time, on the same grill, just ensure you keep checking on the plantain so it doesn't burn. 

The Sauce.............
On the Other side....lit up your burner.....
Heat vegetable oil in frying pan till its hot enough,
Add onions, sprinkle some thyme on it, stork cubes and other spices of your choice 
Then add your remaining fresh pepper and leave it to fry.
This is a good side sauce that goes with the roast plantain.

1) Place Plantain on a flat plate horizontally, place your grill fish on the side, sprinkle some fried fresh pepper sauce on it.

2) Tear plantain to pieces on the plate, cut fish into half, place fish on plantain diagonally on each other, then add some sauce on top.

3) Pour some sauce in a bowl, shred the fish into the sauce, cut plantain into 2 halves and deep in to the bowl.
 4) You could be creative and throw some boiled veggies like carrots on the side of your plantain and fish.

If meal taste too spicy add some ketchup...

Viola!!!!!!!!!!!!! Food is ready!