Walnut is one type of fruit that has been tagged as a food for the Old, elderly or the sick. This is very wrong as this is one of the simplest nourishing food that has so many benefits. Some of these benefits are:

It fights prostate cancer and breast cancer
Its high amino I-arginine content helps people with heart diseases and supports healthy cholesterol level
Its a good anti-oxidant
It helps control weight and maintains healthful weight balance
Very good impact on male fertility
Reduces mental stress
Reduction in insulin levels for people with diabetes

The outer layer of the walnut, that flakky whitish and sometimes waxy part is also very healthy to eat, it helps to build a healthy skin....

Stay healthy eat healthy!!!


Garden Egg Sauce

Some meals get so boring, like the options you have are so little you either fry up or stew up. An example is boiled yam and boiled plantain. Very few options are available to eat with. Its either sauce or eggs.
I decided to explore more sauce options and stumbled on something interesting. I learnt this 2007 during my service year in Bayelsa Nigeria and it hasn't departed from me. *wink* 

Introducing The Eggplant Sauce, popularly known as Garden Egg Sauce in Africa.
Eggplant is also called aubergine, melon gene, garden egg, guinea squash or brinja. It is mostly eaten as a fruit in Lagos and rarely cooked. For most Europeans and Americans it is a major recipe for Ratatouille and also common in vegetarian dishes.

My Recipe : How to make garden egg sauce with scrambled eggs

8 -10 Garden Eggs. ( preferably use the large white and green ones commonly found in the Eastern part of Nigeria)

A bulb of onion (Chopped or sliced)
2-3 cups of Blended Peppers (Combination of tomatoes, hot chili peppers and Bell peppers)
Half Teaspoon of Thyme Spice
Seasoning cubes or mixed seasoning spices ( Preferably fish spices)
3 - 4 pieces of dry fish
A teaspoon of locust beans
2 - 3 cooking spoons of palm oil (Measure according to your preference, it could be lesser)
Salt to taste.
3 Fresh eggs
1 table spoon of vegetable oil
Half a tuber of yam or simply 5 - 6 slices of Yam.


Boil garden eggs in water till it gets soft
Rinse with cold water, peel of skin and then pound with mortar and pestle, set aside.

Pour palm oil in a frying pan or wok and fry till it bleaches.
Pour your chopped onions in it and fry slightly, add locust beans and stir
Pour your fresh blended peppers in
Add dry fish or any variety of your choice e.g Beef
Add pounded garden eggs
Add your seasonings and salt to taste
Fry for 10 minutes till pepper and garden egg is well done.

Whisk eggs and fry in oil. Keep stir frying till egg scrambles.
Add eggs in already done sauce and simply stir together.
Serve with boiled plantain or boiled yam.


Bon appetit


My Favourite Flavour

Noodles known as Indomie (a popular brand in Africa) is one food that has saved many lives in Lagos but garri still senior am.
If there is a type of food a man wants to thrill his woman with, it's noodles, as per his extra-ordinary culinary skills and lazy excuse of a chef LOL. They add fresh hot peppers and chopped onions and viola...they are better cooks. When your children starts to grumble and there's no soup in the house...Indomie. No power to cook...Indomie. I am tired to cook...Indomie. I want a quickie...Indomie. I want a grabby...Indomie. I can cook... Indomie. All...Indomie
Anyways, lets cook on.

I love my Indomie, no recipe of mine is ever the same. The only thing that remains constant is the Indomie noodles. The list goes on, noodles with boiled egg, noodles with fried egg, noodles and tuna steak, noodles with minced meat, noodles in pepper sauce and grill fish, noodles with corn beef, tomatoes and green veggies, curry soup noodles, sweet and sour sauce noodles, Chinese noodles, Indian noodles....i am sure burger noodles also exist, Just noodle up!

Instant Indomie Noodles Prepping

2 packs of Noodles with the seasonings
Freshly cut Chili peppers
Onions (Chopped)
1 Teaspoon of oil
Dry fish,(Big, small, medium or fresh, grilled, fried, any kind)

With 1 1/2 cup of water boil noodles with out crumbling in a wok for 10 minutes or less
cook till its not too hard and not too soft... in between (if its too soft rinse in cold water and set aside)
Drain noodles and set aside.

In a dry wok pour a table spoon of oil (don't let it get too hot)
add chopped onions fry and stir gently (not too hot)
add drained noodles
add noodle seasonings or any other type of seasoning you have (mixed spices, salt)
add freshly chopped chilli peppers
Stir fry for 1 minute and its ready.

Serve in a plate and garnish with any veggie, fish or meat of your choice. Mine is garnished with shredded beef.

Bon appetit...........


Hello peeps, great to be back.......

Ever wondered why most ladies from the Eastern part of Nigeria have good nails, good hair, glowing skin ? It's the veggies they eat and the highly nutritious ingredients they use in cooking. So i decided to explore and stumbled on this recipe i am yet to get over. The combination of it's ingredients is ecstatic, from your market shopping you are already salivating, the aroma is distinct, whilst cooking even hubby knows something different is happening in the kitchen!

Oha Soup
Introducing OHA SOUP.....food for the champions..*winks* 

Oha Leaves
Baby cocoyam
Beef, goat meat, dryfish, crayfish
Locust beans
Uziza (Piper guineense)
Stock cubes
Beef seasonings

Chop Uziza leaves, set aside.


Oha/Ora Leaves

Pick oha leaves, cut and tear with finger tips from bottom to top, set aside

your can tear into smaller pieces

Soak and break dry fish in warm water and set aside
Dry fish and stock fish

Boil baby cocoyams without peeling in little water till its tender (not so very soft)

Baby cocoyams

When its done, peel baby cocoyams and pound into mash with mortar and pestle, set aside in a warm place to keep it from getting cold.

Mashed baby cocoyams

Boil beef and goat meat in a sizable pot, depending on the quantity of your beef add measurable water, add beef seasoning, stock cubes, spices such as thyme, curry, basil,onions and salt to taste.

Goat head
Start boiling the hard meat parts first for like 10 minutes, gradually add the soft parts and the dry/stock fish,
also add dry pepper, crayfish, locust beans and chopped uziza leaves. Leave to boil for 10 minutes.

Add the baby cocoyam mash (this serves as a thickner for the soup) into the boiling stock, add palm oil, and leave to cook till cocoyam paste dissolves. If cocoyam lumps remain scoop with a serving spoon out of the pot.

Cocoyam thickner in sauce

Now add the cut oha leaves, stir together, leave to simmer, check for taste and it's ready.

Oha Soup
Its best served with Fufu.


Grill Fish

Its been a while on the blog. So sorry, i have been concentrating more on my Instagram page. Follow me on instagram @ofoodi to get quick recipes and uploads. Nevertheless the website is back on track.

A major food experience for me in 2013 was the cooking/grilling of Fishes. A lot of my clients ordered grill fish and chips for the festive celebrations according to their budget. Different categories and grade of fishes were cooked delivered and many came with its challenges. 

Grilling a fish like Panla which is the Cod was so ingredient consuming and its fillets broke most of the time. You get this kind of experience always and the fish comes out dry and tasteless. What most chefs would usually do is to add some sauce on the fish to rejuvenate its taste. For a fish like mackerel (Titus), you get the best out of it when you spice a lot with some dry pepper and you eat with an accompanied roast food like Plantain (Boli) or Fried Yam, or cassava flakes. So fishes like panla, titus are not so nice for fancy grills, they taste better when roasted and included in African Vegetable soups like Efo riro.

For fancy grills like Fish and chips, fish in batter, fish in prawn jackets, flour coated fish, steamed fish, barbecue fish, grill fish, choice fishes like Tilapia, Croaker, Barracuda, are best used. You get that distinct natural flavour and aroma that is undisputedly savoury and delicious. Marinating a night before is really effective.

Simply cut open the fish from the side, stuff with ingredients like,
Dry pepper
Chopped Pepper ( for spicy)
Vegetable oil
Stork Cubes and or liquid seasoning
Thyme or Basil.
Bask the fish in all these ingredients mixed together, leave in a refrigerator over night, and its ready to grill for 40 minutes under a 180 degree oven or grill heat.
For special flavours you can add white wine when marinating with some brown sugar. Lemon juice, Lime juice, lemon or lime zest can also give it a lovely different taste. Do not forget to draw lines on your fish with a knife, it allows the ingredient penetrate faster.
Blended green pepper is another tasteful kick you can had to grill fish. It comes out very fantastic.

Try our tips and recipes and tag us @ofoodi on instagram with a picture of what your turn out is. Do not forget to present stylishly.