Introducing DietOfoodi

Our special brand DietOfooDi is a specialist dietary catering service that delivers healthy meals and meal plans for up to a month or week at your door step.

We have well researched and recommended dietary approaches to help you go through health challenges such as Weight loss, Diabetes, Hypertension, Allergies and Viral diseases. We have diets for vegetarians and vegans too.
We are not doctors we are carers.
Our meals are effective to help your health with high nutritional value
We cook and plan your meal, considering calories, carbs- blood sugar and portion controls
We give you breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for each day of the week 
We have over 100 delicious diet dishes for you to choose from, from  local Nigerian, British to Mediterranean diets
We charge N2000 a day for Packaged breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack
How it works.
Give us a call, book an appointment in the comfort of your home or office and let us know your requirements and health issue so we can work out a perfect healthy meal plan for you.
Your food will be delivered in packs portion by portion every week or every month
We have considered various methods of preservation for you and we use cooking methods such as poaching, steaming, baking and grilling
Why should you get in touch?
Clinical statistic shows that letting us help you with your diet plans works more effectively 3 times than home cooking yourself, because we are professionals with the aim to keep you healthy and save lives, we are not biased and do not have cravings.
We package fresh food and NOT PROCESSED FOOD
Our food Categories fall in Vegetables, seasonal veggies, fruits, Legumes, nuts, oats, seeds, nutrition controlled smoothies, lean meat and poultry,
No Fat, NO Red Meat, No  Processed meat, No excess Carbs.
We offer good sources of Magnesium, potassium and Fibre
We keep your diet simple and less complicated
You can negotiate with us whatever plan soothes you.

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 dietOfoodi.... Saving Lives

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