Do you know the origin of these 10 foods?

Did you know that the origin of a food is as important as the human origin!!
It makes you understand its enormous availability in a particular geography and it's cultural appreciation.  Obviously crops are grown almost any where in the world , particularly in Africa but yeah, they have an origin.

Recently the Nigerian food and hospitality industry has taken a turn into the " locontinental" way with traditional foods presented as arts and entertaining masters pieces with refined recipes for diversities.

So, before that Wheat hit your local community market some huge population have been enjoying the benefits for centuries.

Take a little quiz.....

These 10 Staple foods originates from Where?

 1) Rice?   A. india B. Thailand C. Africa  D. Italy
 2)Wheat? A. Africa B.South America C. Australia D.central Asia
 3)Rye?     A. London B. Libya C. central Asia D. Mediterranean 
 4)Oats?    A. Japan B. Abuja C. Jamaica D. meditereanean
 5)SweetPotato?A. Africa B. China and Japan C.south America 
 6)Yam ?    A. Denmark B. Australia D Canada
 7)Maize?  A. central America B. Africa C.Europe D.Mediterranean 
 8)Soybean?A.Central America B. London C. china and japan
 9)Cassava?  A. America's B. England C. africa D.Australia
10) Beans?   A. Asia B.America C.Africa D.Mediterranean 

Did you pull through? .....Drop a Comment!!!

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