The World Food Day Nutrition Programme

The #WorldFoodDay was celebrated by exposing these lovely ladies to healthy eating and a nutritious life style. It was an amazing time attending and mentoring 75 girls from the Kabayi Secondary School, North Central Nigeria. 
The ladies enjoyed a seminar session on questions and answers about the girl child from our partnering friends from the Erny Foundation and got a cooking revamp on how to make healthy snacks and smoothies.

 They had fun eating and learning and getting sensitized on the United Nations sustainable development goals. It was an expository time these ladies will never forget in a hurry.

The Erny foundation took the ladies on the importance of the girl child. Lending them a voice and a brighter hope for the future. Issues on menstrual cycle, relationships, career choices and family were discussed.

The ladies got to identify nutritious foods and got exposed on its proper utilization and diversification of plants, fruits and vegetables.

Many discovered new fruits they never knew were grown in Nigeria.

Nutrition Programme Healthy Versus Unhealthy Sandwich Challenge

The Ofoodi Nutrition School Club Programme enlightening School Children on Nutrition and how to identify Nutritious Meals. Exposing them to what a Sustainable Nutrition is and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Demonstration on healthy cooking and environmental hygiene.

With Action Aid Activista Nyanya driving an end to malnutrition and alleviating poverty.

The Sandwich making challenge 

Boosting A Shared Responsibility

We shared healthy sandwiches and fed over 300 Children 

The Nutrition School Club Program

With Action Aid Activista Nigeria on the Ofoodi Nutrition School Club Programme. Alleviating Poverty, ZeroHunger, An End to malnutrition. Boosting a shared responsibility for the Sustainable Development Goals. #Goal1, #Goal2 #Goal3 #GlobalGoals #SustainableDevelopmentGoals #Sdg #orientingfoodinternational #SustainableNutrition #SustainableMeals #FoodAdvocacy #FoodSecurity #HealthyNotHungry #ActivistaNyanyan #ActionAid #GlobalImpact, #GlobalGoals #CommunityDevelopment #SocialImpact #NutritionProgramme #WorldFoodProgramme #WorldHealthOrganization #UnitedNations #SDG #YouthsForChange #Ofoodi #NationalDevelopment #Humanitarian #healthandNutrition
The Ofoodi Nutrition School Club Programme is towards an end to malnutrition, ZeroHunger and a healthier nation. Advocacy and creating awareness is one of our ways of boosting a shared responsibility in the community. Exposing kids to  the  proper utilization of food and how to identity them.

Our curriculum for nutrition awareness and Food utilization in the Ofoodi Nutrition School Club Programme is balanced! The kids get to learn, eat and play. They get exposed to Sustainable Development Goals and join the advocacy to Endmalnutrition and Food waste. They are inclusive of boosting a shared responsibility. #orientingfoodinternational

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What to be in life is one major question you get to ask yourself at some point. It actually  takes you studying yourself to realize what potentials you have got.  On becoming you and finding yourself, you have to unlearn some unnecessary  things and relearn  necessary  things.
What brings out the best in you is the value you add to your potentials.  The bad mind set you break and the good ones you embrace.
Is it a career choice?  Why that career choice?  how far do you see the career taking you?  As the Founder of one of Nigeria's Indigenous and International  NGO, i have come to realize career is about what you have to offer. What discussions you want to get involved  with globally  to affect the world.  Education and academic learning are priorities but end in the 4 walls of school if you don't refine it into something great.
Who are those you hang around? Do they look like where you are going?  Do they add value to you?
Whether business or career,  don't be afraid to start  small. Believe in yourself and the vision you see.  Have a money saving culture,  it makes you accountable and responsible.
Get in touch with the God in you.  His plans are way beyond what you can imagine. If the plans you have are not overwhelming you yet its not from God.  He will always give you a promise that is bigger than you so He can always be there to see you through.
 You have to fight distractions, laziness, procrastination, go no where friends.  Social friends with no real life ambition.
The World is waiting for you to contribute your quota.  Don't disappoint God's  investment in you.
What ever you decide to do as a worker, career path  or business.  Have it in your heart that you are a world changer, you are to spearhead new things, you are a torch bearer and assigned for greatness. It is all about purpose. Be an innovative youth. Be courageous, be transformative, you have a world agenda in you hands start working on it. We are waiting to see what you have to offer.


How to use Radish

Radish can be used in vegetable stir fry or added to sauces.
It can be used in Omellete or Egg Stir Fry.
It can be blended with your Fresh Tomatoes and Bell Peppers.
It can be used in Yam Porridge,Beans Porridge,Potato Porridge or Plantain Porridge.
It can be used for your Chicken and Beef Kebabs.
It can be added in Soups and Stews.
It can be added in casserole dishes

A healthy nutritious blend of root vegetables, stir fried in olive oil
You could add spinach vegetables and eggs
Eat with boiled yam, potatoes or Savoury white Rice.


Orientating Local Communities about Food, Nutrition, Health and Well Being is an integral part of our mission towards an End to Malnutrition, Hunger and Poverty.

The Ofoodi Farmers Market Day Nutrition Programme is a concept initiated to empower the populace on Sustainable Nutrition, Healthy and Variety Eating, Healthy and Variety Planting and ways to Fight Malnutrition and Hunger. 

This initiative tackles the major problems in Food Security such as Access, Availability, Utilization, Affordability and Stability. It brings exposure and information to local communities about food items, where to get them, their nutritional value, how to use them, how to preserve them and not waste them. Then we give them for free.

The North Central,Abuja Nigeria, experienced first hand  fresh farm produce being distributed in their community for free.

They were educated on the health benefit of different types of food, vegetables and fruits. Radish, EggPlants,Courgettes, Cantaloupes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Parsley, Leeks, Spring Onions and lots more. Cooking tips were giving, food management and Preservation tips were given and also financial economic lessons were given on how to shop right and overcome expensive food items.

A Fruit, Vegetable and Nutritional Survey was administered, through the use of Questionnaire's. This gave us an adequate data on food exposure in the Apo Resettlement Community, Abuja, North Central Nigeria.

We believe that an Africa with ZeroHunger is achievable and We are visioned to Endmalnutrition in Africa and globally. We believe in a healthier Africa for a progressive Human Development and Human Capacity Building. This is fundamental in our projects and initiative. Exposing the African community to the necessary information for a Sustainable Development and Progress!

Families came with their shopping bags and had a weekend to remember!

Farmers Market Day (Food Africa)

A healthier Africa is achievable. We are a human population with the greatest potentials in the world. We need to preserve and enhance our human capacity for development. Food is secure in our land, our healths are flourishing. We have a positive mind set to take on the World! #orientingfoodinternational #SustainableNutrition #FoodSecurity #HumanDevelopment #Humanitarian #HealthyNotHungry #EndPoverty #EndHunger #Endmalnutrition #Goal2 #GlobalGoals #SustainableDevelopmentGoals #wfp #FAO #Ofoodi #ofoodifarmersmarket #BringYourShoppingBagsAlong

Vegetable Salads and Tomatoes

This is a good way to start the day or end the day. You can throw in some diced chicken breast or Tuna. You can serve with any protein of your choice. 
The dash of rocket leaves included gives a highly nutritious value to this meal.
Other vegetables like onions and carrots can be included for your delight!

Seasoned oils and Salad Dressings go well with this. Mayonnaise is also a great option.

Like we say at ofoodi, Healthy is Fun!

Packed with vitamins A,C and K nutrients.
Helps digestion and reduces blotting.

Highly recommended for all kind of diet types!

Basmati Jollof Rice and Vegetables

Our Nutritious lunch idea is Basmati Jollof Rice Served with grilled Turkey,Cabbage and Vegetable carrots! Tomato is a very key ingredient here that enhances it's nutritional value. The meal is supplemented with high vitamins and low cholesterol.

For a high and extreme diet, you can eat a reasonable and healthy portion size! With any protein of your choice!
Jollof rice is a West African Staple and one of our most celebrated dishes!


Impacting our community. Visioned to Endmalnutrition, ZeroHunger, A Healthy LifeStyle and a Food Security Future! The 5th Of August,2017,9am.
 #OrientingFoodInternational #SustainableNutrition #ZeroHunger #HealthyNotHungry #Goal2 #Food #EndPoverty #EndHunger #Malnutrition #worldfoodprogramme #Nutritionawareness #HealthyLiving #HealthyMeals #Humanitarian #Nutrition #FoodSecurity #FeedDreams.

Zerohunger sdg! Abuja, Nigeria!!! Bridging the Food and Nutritional gap in Gbagyi Apo Community! Healthy nation. Locally grown . Advocating Fresh Foods and Vegetables in our Community and homes. Meet the Farmers!! Meet the Integrators! Grab A Nutritious Variety for free. Promoting A SustainableNutrition, Food and Health Culture. 100% humanitarian.

  Official HashTags- #OfoodiFarmersMarket #BringYourShoppingBagsAlong 
#FarmersMarket #MarketDay #CommunityDevelopment #HumanDevelopment #Humanity #Charity


Over 1000 people in Gurku Nassarawa State Nigeria experienced a new way of thinking about food. It was a community nutrition awareness program enlightening them on the types of healthy food and hygiene culture they needed to imbibe. They were thought how to include vegetables in their food, cook and preserve healthy meals, eat variety of fruits, plant variety of foods & vegetables, avoid food waste, manage bad water conditions, maintain a clean environmental culture and manage health issues.   

Bad hygiene myths were corrected and proper well researched sustainable nutrition solutions were given. Critical questions were raised and sustainable answers were given.

This initiative included the feeding and distribution of Highly Nutritious Quality and Healthy meals. Yam Porridge with Green Vegetables, Archer Legumes and Beans, Masa and Groundnut Soup with Brisket Bones and Green Vegetables. To go with the meal was a Garden Egg Fruit.

This project was inspired by the #ZeroHunger #HealthyNotHungry World Food Programme Campaign for Sustainable Development Goals. #Goal2 #GlobalGoals.

      Orienting Food International

Food Nuggets

What you eat affects the way your body grows and how healthy you will be physically,emotionally, psychologically and mentally. Our major nuggets absorb,digest and eliminate is the summary of the daily routine of your body.

Why do you need to stay alive?
You have something significant to fulfill on earth
You have loved ones who believe in you
You have a future ahead of you.

Note that everyone watches everyone and chooses to follow personalities that inspire them. 
Let your eating habits and healthy habits inspire those around you

Healthy eating can't be over emphasized. It's more than satisfying your hunger. It also preserves your life and the lives around you.

Try out a healthy recipe today and let us know the areas where you need help!

#HealthyNotHungry - Plantain Vegetables and Steamed Croacker Fish

This meal contains a staple that is different from the regular Rice-Potato-Wheat-Corn commonly cooked and eaten amongst most families in the world.

My recipe and meal contains Unriped Boiled Plantain, Cut Fresh Spinach Vegetables, Steamed Croacker Fish in Tomato Sauce, Garnished with Bell Peppers and Onion Chops, Glaced with Fresh Lemon Fruit and Cucumber Chops.

It has an amazing taste and aroma. Highly nutritious and very healthy with a combination of Vitamins, fibre, protein and less fat. There is so much advantage this single meal has.

It is inspired by the #HealthyNotHungry challenge in line with the World Food Programme and Sustainable Development goals to ZeroHunger in the World

It's recommended as a healthy staple, a great alternative and variety to include in family meals.

Nutritious Smoothie Card

#oFooDiFarmStories By Raji Olalekan Saiid

The passion farmers have cannot really be understood till you hear their experiences.  Raji Olalekan Saiid is one of the prominent Young farmers in Ibadan Nigeria sharing his experiences.

Sometimes all we want to do is change the world. At times like these we are mostly teenagers. Firing along on testosterone. Hardly listening to the whisper of Universal Wisdom.
Perhaps we (humanity) took it too personal in the beginning when that fatherly voice declared angrily:
"Cursed is the ground for your sake. In sorrow shall you eat of it. Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth for you. Out of your sweat shall you bring out bread."
But what Wisdom was saying then and now was simply that:
"To eat well, you must harvest.
To harvest, you must sow.
To sow, you must sweat."
And we are not talking gym parlour six pack grooming sweat here.

Cat Fish Pond
Sowing and harvesting aka farming is an activity of toil and much sweat, whether you are cultivating a corner of your backyard or tackling food sufficiency cultivating 100 hectares of land.
Pressing a seed into the ground and watching it grow into thousands of its type is the essence of economics and general human activity: bountiful harvest.
You sweat in stages: Clearing the land of thorns and thistles is hard work, whether wielding machetes or driving noisy bulldozers.
Next is ploughing and ridging, using flimsy hoe or tractors.
Then comes planting, which brings its own sweat when you have to contend with heaven's rain or consider creating artificial rainfall to be in season.
You sweat when you have to expertly spray herbicides and pesticides that are selective: meaning chemicals compounds that have to kill the insects and weeds without hurting your growing crops.
You sweat when you build hedges to keep out the pests: cattle, goats, sheep and human invaders.
You sweat every step of the way, nurturing your plants, checking leaves for disease and discoloration.
Until you harvest, and you have to contend with market forces, transport, and logistics and the general economics of buying and selling.

I didn't set out to change the world when I got into farming. But I learnt quickly that to change the world, you have to spend less time in the gym changing yourself. And listen more to the voice of Universal Wisdom.
There is a time to plant and a time to harvest. In between lies the key to feeding a hungry world, achieving food sufficiency and fulfilling the wishes of a wronged yet caring father: Go forth unto the earth and sweat, then multiply.

How to spot a bad yam

Choosing a very good yam can be a hard task sometimes. It's usually a guessing game or just following your instincts approach. Some people really do well and choose very good ones.

Few tips can be considered when trying to buy a good yam.
  • Don't necessarily go for the humongous looking ones. This doesn't mean you should condemn any yam you feel has a shape you haven't seen before i.e abnormal. It is classified as food waste. Sometimes yams can have contours,curves and dents. What this means, is, you should look carefully and not choose a yam because its bigger than the rest in it's pile.  
  • Look out for roughly dry ends, edges and dry skin.
  • Look out for holes particularly around the top. If the holes extend to the middle of the yam, that's a bad one. You would need to cut off many bad parts to get the good ones.
  • Look out for black spots. Some yams literally have black spots, they are a no no, because when cooked they turn brown, taste bitter and hard in the mouth.
Things to note
  • You could use your nail to peel a tiny part of the yam. It could help but it's not entirely sufficient.
  • You could get a knife and cut the root head off to see what the inside and texture looks like.
  • Small or medium looking yams mostly turn out great.
  • Most of the ones with farm soil on them have a more than 75 per cent chance of being good. Except it's been infected from the farm or was harvested prematurely.
  • Saving some part of a bad yam is not entirely healthy. Whilst cooking it turns dirty brown and after cooking the look and texture becomes pinkish in color.

Nutrition wise.
If you are cooking a yam and it turns brown and dark brown it's not advisable to consume.
If it turns pinkish in color, don't consume.

A healthier lifestyle is a great future for a sustainable health ,food nutrition and human society.
#Eatright #EatHealthy #Stayalive #Nutritionalsustainabilty #Sustainablemeals #goodhealthandwellbeing #dietofoodi #foodischange