Farmers Market Day (Food Africa)

A healthier Africa is achievable. We are a human population with the greatest potentials in the world. We need to preserve and enhance our human capacity for development. Food is secure in our land, our healths are flourishing. We have a positive mind set to take on the World! #orientingfoodinternational #SustainableNutrition #FoodSecurity #HumanDevelopment #Humanitarian #HealthyNotHungry #EndPoverty #EndHunger #Endmalnutrition #Goal2 #GlobalGoals #SustainableDevelopmentGoals #wfp #FAO #Ofoodi #ofoodifarmersmarket #BringYourShoppingBagsAlong

Vegetable Salads and Tomatoes

This is a good way to start the day or end the day. You can throw in some diced chicken breast or Tuna. You can serve with any protein of your choice. 
The dash of rocket leaves included gives a highly nutritious value to this meal.
Other vegetables like onions and carrots can be included for your delight!

Seasoned oils and Salad Dressings go well with this. Mayonnaise is also a great option.

Like we say at ofoodi, Healthy is Fun!

Packed with vitamins A,C and K nutrients.
Helps digestion and reduces blotting.

Highly recommended for all kind of diet types!

Basmati Jollof Rice and Vegetables

Our Nutritious lunch idea is Basmati Jollof Rice Served with grilled Turkey,Cabbage and Vegetable carrots! Tomato is a very key ingredient here that enhances it's nutritional value. The meal is supplemented with high vitamins and low cholesterol.

For a high and extreme diet, you can eat a reasonable and healthy portion size! With any protein of your choice!
Jollof rice is a West African Staple and one of our most celebrated dishes!


Impacting our community. Visioned to Endmalnutrition, ZeroHunger, A Healthy LifeStyle and a Food Security Future! The 5th Of August,2017,9am.
 #OrientingFoodInternational #SustainableNutrition #ZeroHunger #HealthyNotHungry #Goal2 #Food #EndPoverty #EndHunger #Malnutrition #worldfoodprogramme #Nutritionawareness #HealthyLiving #HealthyMeals #Humanitarian #Nutrition #FoodSecurity #FeedDreams.

Zerohunger sdg! Abuja, Nigeria!!! Bridging the Food and Nutritional gap in Gbagyi Apo Community! Healthy nation. Locally grown . Advocating Fresh Foods and Vegetables in our Community and homes. Meet the Farmers!! Meet the Integrators! Grab A Nutritious Variety for free. Promoting A SustainableNutrition, Food and Health Culture. 100% humanitarian.

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#FarmersMarket #MarketDay #CommunityDevelopment #HumanDevelopment #Humanity #Charity


Over 1000 people in Gurku Nassarawa State Nigeria experienced a new way of thinking about food. It was a community nutrition awareness program enlightening them on the types of healthy food and hygiene culture they needed to imbibe. They were thought how to include vegetables in their food, cook and preserve healthy meals, eat variety of fruits, plant variety of foods & vegetables, avoid food waste, manage bad water conditions, maintain a clean environmental culture and manage health issues.   

Bad hygiene myths were corrected and proper well researched sustainable nutrition solutions were given. Critical questions were raised and sustainable answers were given.

This initiative included the feeding and distribution of Highly Nutritious Quality and Healthy meals. Yam Porridge with Green Vegetables, Archer Legumes and Beans, Masa and Groundnut Soup with Brisket Bones and Green Vegetables. To go with the meal was a Garden Egg Fruit.

This project was inspired by the #ZeroHunger #HealthyNotHungry World Food Programme Campaign for Sustainable Development Goals. #Goal2 #GlobalGoals.

      Orienting Food International

Food Nuggets

What you eat affects the way your body grows and how healthy you will be physically,emotionally, psychologically and mentally. Our major nuggets absorb,digest and eliminate is the summary of the daily routine of your body.

Why do you need to stay alive?
You have something significant to fulfill on earth
You have loved ones who believe in you
You have a future ahead of you.

Note that everyone watches everyone and chooses to follow personalities that inspire them. 
Let your eating habits and healthy habits inspire those around you

Healthy eating can't be over emphasized. It's more than satisfying your hunger. It also preserves your life and the lives around you.

Try out a healthy recipe today and let us know the areas where you need help!