Orienting Food International

Orienting Food International is a Sustainable Development initiative towards Sustainable Nutrition, Zero hunger and a Food security future.

Our Vision
We pursue a vision to "end malnutrition, improve lives and create awareness on the utilization of food for a healthier life in Africa".

Our Mission
We are poised to provide solutions that improve nutritional health status, educate a sustainable nutrition culture and a sustainable food security future.

Aims and Objectives
We tackle the under utilization and inadequacy of food, its inaccessibility and unavailability towards a healthier nation and a progressive human development.
We educate communities on nutritional values, household food choices and it's preparation. Bringing accountability, creating awareness and fostering food security.

Our Projects
Ofoodi's Fresh Farmers Market Day.
We support farmers growing locally. Providing a link with the farmers and low wage income earners and consumers. Encouraging the consumption of a sustainable variety of crops and increasing the nutritional value of meals.

DietOfoodi Campaign/#Ofoodi Quotes
We advocate health conscious diet and environmental well being. Providing information for food waste management,preservation and storage.

Ofoodi Platinum Hospitality
We feature creative recipes for a healthier lifestyle and offer cooking services for specialty diet Prescriptions.

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