Orienting Food International

Orienting Food International is a Sustainable Development initiative towards Sustainable Nutrition, Zero hunger and a Food security future.

Our Vision
We pursue a vision to "end malnutrition, improve lives and create awareness on the utilization of food for a healthier life in Africa".

Our Mission
We are poised to provide solutions that improve nutritional health status, educate a sustainable nutrition culture and a sustainable food security future.

Aims and Objectives
We tackle the under utilization and inadequacy of food, its inaccessibility and unavailability towards a healthier nation and a progressive human development.
We educate communities on nutritional values, household food choices and it's preparation. Bringing accountability, creating awareness and fostering food security.
We educate a positive mindset to tackling poverty, hunger and promote a mental well being and human capacity development.

Our Projects
Ofoodi's Fresh Farmers Market Day.
We support farmers growing locally. Providing a link with the farmers and low wage income earners and consumers. Encouraging the consumption of a sustainable variety of crops and increasing the nutritional value of meals.

Ofoodi Community Nutritious Awareness Project
Feeding local communities,Advocacy and Campaign talks on Nutritional health, food diversification and farming variety, a healthy and clean life style.

Feeding Dreams Project
A Youth empowerment programme on Social behaviour,Entrepreneurship,Stress and Habits

Ofoodi Social Media Campaign/#Ofoodi Quotes #OfoodiInspiration 
We advocate A Positive Mentality, A health conscious diet and environmental well being. Providing information for food waste management,preservation and storage. A balanced life style and Mental wellbeing.

Ofoodi Platinum Hospitality
We feature creative recipes for a healthier lifestyle and offer cooking services for specialty diet Prescriptions.

Ofoodi Store House
Available Center for Healthy brands, Fresh Foods and Vegetables, Cooked Meals and Food Consultations

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