Our Projects

Ofoodi's Fresh Farmers Market Day, AMAAC North West Nigeria.
Support farmers growing locally. Providing a link between consumers and off takers.

Ofoodi Community Nutritious Awareness Project Nyanya, Agu Gbayi, Gurku Communities North West Nigeria
Feeding local communities,Advocacy on Nutritional health, child and maternal health, food diversification and improved crop variety, supplementary feeding

Ofoodi Nutrition School Club South West, North East and North West.

Teach school children and community kids how to make healthy meals, create awareness on malnutrition and food utilization.

Feeding Dreams Project
A Youth empowerment program on Social behaviour, Entrepreneurship,Stress and Habits

Ofoodi Social Media Advocacy , Global 
We advocate a health conscious diet and environmental well being. Providing information for food waste management,preservation and storage. A balanced life style and Mental well being.

Ofoodi Platinum Hospitality Nutritious Brands
Featuring creative recipes for a healthier lifestyle

Ofoodi Store House
Food Bank and available center for healthy brands, fresh foods and vegetables, cooked meals and food consultations

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